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Shallow Survey 2012 Announcement

The organising committee invites you to attend the 6th International Conference on High Resolution Surveys in Shallow Waters, to be held in New Zealand from 20-24 February 2012.

Take this great opportunity to learn about the latest developments and approaches to shallow water surveys, connect with colleagues in your field and see New Zealand’s awesome landscape.

Our capital city Wellington will play host to more than 200 delegates from more than 20 countries.

Conference website

The Shallow Survey 2012 Conference website is your source of the latest information about the conference.

You’ll be able to access everything you need to know about the conference, including the programme, venue, host city, travel information, and sponsorship and exhibition details on the website.

Registering for the conference

Enquiries and expressions of interest can be made on our website, or by replying to this email.

More information to come...

A Sponsorship Prospectus will be made available in February 2010 but we welcome expressions of interest in advance. A common dataset announcement will also be made in February next year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2012.

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Shallow Survey 2012 Organising Committee

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